The First Fully Accredited Dental Practice in Innisfail

Practice Philosophy

At our practice we take the attitude that patients decide over their own mouths. We are here as professionals, to point out if there are problems and in that case to present treatment options. We tell them what we would do if that same problem were in our own mouths but there are usually other ways to go and, of course, there is always the option of doing nothing. When a patient has heard the pros and cons of different treatments and made his/her mind up, we support them and do what they have decided.
Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our practice is a place where patients can trust they receive optimum treatment based on their needs and desires.

We operate in modern facilities, use equipment and treatment procedures that are up to date, where the staff shows that they like working here and patients feel they fit in.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Jay Lo


Karen Portelli

Office Coordinator

Tessa Lo

Dental Assistant

Rachel Liston

Dental Assistant