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Oral Health

We may think of teeth and gum conditions as separate to the rest of the body. Why would bleeding gums cause heart attacks? Well, more and more research is showing a connection. Periodontal disease is a persistent inflammation of the gums and jaw bone which increases C-reactive protein; now considered to be more predictive of … Continued

Never a cavity again

Would you like never to get another cavity? It is possible. In fact, if you follow just a few rules, you are almost guaranteed never to get another cavity. Here is how it works: Everybody has bugs in their mouths. Decay happens when certain of these bugs turn sugar into acid. This acid decays teeth. … Continued

Active Maintenance

Ignore your teeth and they will go away OR Active Maintenance One would have to say that it is amazing that teeth last as long as they do when we chew on them every day for maybe 90 years and considering some of the stuff people eat – chocolate out of the fridge or pork … Continued

Gum Disease – Jaw Bone Disease – Periodontal Disease

This is a common disease and therefore three names for the same thing. If you notice blood on the toothbrush or after flossing, chances are you have it. Periodontal disease causes the jaw bone around teeth to break down to the point that teeth become loose and eventually fall out. Hence the name “jaw bone … Continued

Bad Breath

It is embarrassing! And usually we just don’t know because others find it too embarrassing to tell us. But why does it happen? We all know smoking gives us bad breath sometimes stomach issues can but most of it is due to particular types of bacteria in the mouth. You can have comparatively clean teeth … Continued


When teeth have been lost they can be replaced with implants. An implant is a threaded titanium post that is placed in the socket where there once was a tooth. The body accepts it and bone grows around it and firmly attaches it to the jaw. Then a tooth can be built on the implant. … Continued


Tooth decay is not dissimilar in appearance to bad spots in a potato. It is soft and yellow/brown but unless there is a lot of decay there may not be an actual cavity. A tooth is a bit like a pumpkin too, really hard on the outside and softer the further in you get. If … Continued


A tooth is meant to last a life time. The “six year old molar” – the one we chew on most – comes through at the age of six. Many of us had it filled when we were seven, then again at eleven. Another cavity formed and a second filling was needed at fifteen. Then … Continued

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our smiles reflect our inner selves and a healthy smile gives us confidence. Missing teeth may give an impression of neglect – paying no attention to detail. There are many ways of restoring a smile. Sometimes it can be a matter of just smoothing off edges and corners, sometimes much more involved treatments are needed. … Continued