The First Fully Accredited Dental Practice in Innisfail

Our goal at Innisfail Dentists is to provide dental care of the highest quality and safety. In order for this to
happen we recognise that both our patients and our staff have important roles to play. We have developed this charter to not only help you understand your rights as our patient but also to help us develop a partnership with you so we can achieve the best possible outcomes for your dental care.

Here is what you can expect from Innisfail Dentists:


We will aim to provide you with appointments to meet your treatment needs, and will make a special effort to always see you if you are in pain.


Our goal is to provide appropriate dental care in a safe, secure and supportive environment. We encourage you to raise any concerns you may have about our service and we will seek to address these concerns as soon as possible.


We value all our patients as unique people and hope that we can at all times provide dental treatment in a manner that is respectful of your culture, beliefs, values and personal characteristics. We also ask you to reciprocate this respect by being mindful of all our staff and our other patients.


We respect your right to receive adequate and easily understood information, including costs, regarding your dental care and treatment options.


We will also ask you to actively participate in making decisions and choices about your treatment and dental needs.


You can expect your personal health history and other information to be collected, used, disclosed and stored in accordance with the relevant privacy laws. This information will remain confidential unless the law allows disclosure or you direct us to release the information.


Your evaluation of the dental care we provide is important to us and we encourage you to give us both positive and negative feedback.

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Source Document: Charter of Health Care Rights