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There is nothing worse than a toothache. The pain may cause significant impact on sleep, eating and other daily activities. Anything might set it off and it gets going. The best advice, see us straight away but if it’s not possible take pain killers. Be very careful not to overdose. Pain killers will mask the pain but will not address the cause of the toothache. Tooth pain will never go away by itself, pain killers will help to address the pain until you see us.

When you call us for the appointment, ask the person on the line any recommendation to deal with the pain in the meantime.


Whenever any accident occurs, it is very important that the traumatized tooth is attended ASAP. We might be able to see you straight away so give us a call and let the reception know your condition.

Lost Filling or broken Tooth

Most often this happens after eating something soft like bread, then you bit into something hard and crunchy and wonders what is it? Sometimes it is part of the tooth or the filling. This condition might not be bothering you but this makes the tooth vulnerable to more damage and decay. When you ignore the tooth it will go away.

Bleeding after extraction

Please refer to the post extraction care print out.