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Extractions of teeth involve the removal of the crown and root of a tooth. If you require extraction, please discuss all replacement options prior to treatment. If you decide not to replace the tooth, be mindful that in time, teeth may drift into the gap – this may change your bite and chewing ability. Loss of a tooth also concentrates the load onto the remaining teeth.

Please tell the dentist of any medical conditions, medications or allergies. A radiograph of the tooth is always required (by law) prior to extraction to view the roots of the teeth. Today’s anaesthetics are extremely effective in making the procedure as comfortable as possible.

For particularly difficult extractions or some wisdom teeth extractions, referral to a trusted specialist oral surgeon may be required.

Wisdom teeth

OK. So who came up with the name “wisdom teeth?” I mean, they’re anything but wise and often cause problems at the worst possible time.
Wisdom teeth usually erupt between 17 and 25 years of age. There is no “normal” number of wisdom teeth, although most people have somewhere between zero and four. Many wisdom teeth never erupt. Where there is space, wisdom teeth may erupt without incident. However, sometimes wisdom teeth can be difficult.

Why do I need my wisdom tooth/teeth out?