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You’ve got that inkling feeling that something’s not right. Or it might just be that it’s been a little (or long…. very long) while since you’ve visited the dentist and, well, you’re not sure what the dentist might find lurking in there.

Rest assured, we’ve heard it all before and we’re (still) here to help. If there’s something that’s bothering you or something in particular that you want to have addressed, then we’re here for you and happy to help. If you’re not sure what you need, we can start with a comprehensive exam and then go from there. It’s up to you, after all, it’s your mouth!

Our dentists are highly trained, friendly and extremely gentle. They take great pride in ensuring your visit to the dentist is pleasant and as positive as can be.

Don’t know if I want to open my mouth…. yet…..

It’s been a while

So. The last time you went to the dentist was when mobile phones had antennas (not cameras) or perhaps dinosaurs still roamed the earth?

Maybe you received a friendly reminder from your dentist and put it on the fridge until you could get around to it. That was, uh, a while ago….. No matter. Time gets away from all of us. There’s no need to feel sheepish about it. We’re not here to judge – we’re here to help! And believe us, we’ve heard it all before.

Come on in and we can make sure you get a thorough exam. Perhaps a good clean might be needed to disrupt the small ecosystem that has made your mouth “home.” If anything else is needed, we can discuss this with you and go from there. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to mention them to the friendly Northbridge Dentists team.

I can’t believe I let it go so long without seeing the dentist!


If you are the bride or groom to be, then congratulations on your up-coming wedding! If you are a family member, bridal party member or a good friend that would like to flash a nice smile at your upcoming wedding, then make sure you come and visit Northbridge Dentists first!

There are a range of treatment options depending on what you want to achieve. Understandably if it’s your wedding, there is a lot to do, so come in nice and early before time gets away from you! Keep in mind that dental procedures can irritate the gums which may take a few days to settle down, so make sure you don’t leave it until the few days before your big day! Ideally treatment should be finished a week or so prior to the wedding

The most common things wedding couples have done before their big day are general cleans, polishing and tooth whitening. Cleans should be done at least a few days to a week prior to your wedding if possible. In chair whitening should be done a few weeks out from your wedding day. If you require at-home whitening trays and bleach, organise this at least two months out from your big day to allow for impressions and construction of your whitening trays.

Some procedures such as crowns and veneers can require planning, records and further discussion. It is best to try and get this started at least a couple of months in advance. Even more time will be needed if orthodontics (tooth movement) is required! Like weddings in general, good planning can go a long way!

Unlike everything else labelled “wedding,” there is no mark-up with dental work whether you get it before or after your big day, so you may as well come in and have your smile perfected so that you can look nice in all those photos for eternity!