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Dental Technology is here today at Innisfail Dentist, we make it a point to stay current with advances in technology that are meant to improve your overall dental experience with us. We investing in carefully selected technology, we can make your dental care easier, more efficient, and more comfortable than ever before. Please take a moment to learn more about the types of technology we now offer.

Digital X-Rays & Sensors

Digital x-rays are one example of state-of-the-art technology that makes your treatment more effective and efficient. While the process for taking digital x-rays is similar to traditional film x-rays, there’s one major difference. Instead of film, we use a digital sensor. The sensor is placed in your mouth just like a traditional film x-ray, but that’s where the similarity ends.

The digital sensor is electronic and connects to a computer. Shortly after the x-ray is taken, it is projected onto a computer screen so we can view it together. These images give us both a clear picture of the smallest details inside your teeth. If we find a problem, you can see what we see, which makes it easier for you to understand why a treatment is necessary. Digital x-rays are also safer than traditional film x-ray because they reduce your exposure to radiation by approximately 90%.

Digital Scanner

Until recently, the only method we had for taking copies of your teeth involved a messy paste placed into a large, bulky plastic or metal tray. Not only was this process uncomfortable, but the impressions weren’t always as accurate as we would like.

Our digital scanner not only does away with this uncomfortable process, but also has the added advantage of providing us with much more precise details of your teeth.

A 3-D picture of your mouth is shown on screen in the process of scanning your mouth, you can actually see the images as they appear on the monitor.

This advance in technology allows us to produce a very accurate and precisely detailed model of your teeth. This information is then used to plan treatment for present and future restorations.

Digital Records

The ability to store information digitally has truly changed the way we practice dentistry. Today we no longer have to hunt for information about a previous procedure or past problems. Now, we have handy access to all your information and dental history literally at our fingertips.

Everything we need to offer you the most effective treatment is stored in one place in your digital record. You don’t have to worry, because your records are stored securely on our in-office network and cannot be accessed on-line.

However, digital records are extremely practical when we have to involve a specialist for your treatment. In this case, your files can be shared electronically directly with the specialist, ensuring your complete privacy.